Monin Coffee Frappe Mix 1.36kg Tub – Flavour Powder for Coffee Shops

Coffee flavoured frappe powder
Comes in 1.36kg tub
Suitable for commercial or domestic use

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Monin Premium Black Forest Syrup, 700 ml

Dark chocolate with candied Morello cherry notes and strong chocolate flavour with long-lasting cherry aftertaste
Used with teas, lemonades, wine based cocktails, fruity cocktails and mocktails
Balanced flavour can be used alone to create indulgent coffee treats, such as Black Forest latte or cappuccino

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Monin Premium Caramel Sugar Free Syrup 1 Litre

Powerful, deep smell and very specific burnt caramel flavour
Used with coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, martinis, juices, teas
Offers a sweet sensation without the usual metallic aftertaste that you experience with other sweeteners

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Monin Syrup Coffee Gift Set 5 x 5 cl

Store cool and dry preferably at room temperature and away from direct sun-light
100% Organic Cacao
Pack of 2

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