PERCOL RAINFOREST ALL DAY AMERICANO COFFEE BAGS – Rich, Smooth, Full-Bodied Flavor Single-Serve Coffee-On-The-Go For Caffeine Boost Any Time of Day 10 bags/pack 3 Pack

A harmonious and balanced blend of Central and South American beans is yours to enjoy with this medium-strength Americano coffee that delivers an ENERGY BOOST at any time of the day.
Coffee bags deliver the convenience of brewing just one cup of RICH AROMATIC COFFEE at a time when you desire this smooth full-bodied flavor and quality is more important than quantity.
NO FUSS HASSLE-FREE single serve coffee bags come in portable sealed envelopes so coffee lovers can satisfy their longing for a fresh-brewed cup of consciously-crafted Americano coffee on-the-go.

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Premium Decaffeinated Ground Coffee – Café Saula’s Award Winning 100% Arabica Spanish Espresso Blend 500g (2X 250g)

AWARD WINNING FLAVOUR: Delicious full-bodied espresso coffee and winner of a Double Gold Great Taste Award in 2013.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Four premium Arabica bean varieties blended to a traditional Café Saula family recipe.
BREW METHOD: Suitable for all coffee makers – filter, percolator, home/stove-top espresso, cafetière and Aeropress.

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Premium Organic Ground Coffee – 100% Arabica Spanish Espresso Blend from Award Winning Café Saula 500g (2X 250g)

PREMIUM QUALITY: An espresso blend of four premium quality varieties of Arabica beans, grown using organic methods.
ORGANICALLY GROWN: From crops grown in the country of origin using organic methods that care for the environment.
HAND HARVESTED: Ensures only the very best fruits at the optimal point of ripeness are chosen for this premium coffee.

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Psycho Coffee – Fresh Ground Psycho Strong Coffee 250g

Seriously Strong Coffee For Serious Coffeeheads
Kenyan, Inonesian & Robusta blend
Fresh ground for use with coffee machines, cafetieres and Aeropress

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Sons of Amazon – 500g – The UK’s Strongest Ground Coffee – Strong and FAIR – Dust Grind

WARNING EXTREMELY STRONG COFFEE: The UK’s Strongest Coffee, 200% stronger than a cup of normal jar coffee! Adrenalin and coffee junkies only, not for the faint hearted! Approx 55 cups of strong coffee per bag.
IT’S ALL THE SAME COFFEE: When we freshly artisan roast our Sons of Amazon strong coffee we create 3 different end products. They have a rich intense flavour and produce a silky, lovely crema with no bitterness.
STRONG AND FAIR: Roasted using the world’s premium and best coffee beans, which are ethically sourced directly from the Amazon Rainforest, then roasted and ground in the UK – We buy the best quality beans for maximum caffeine, that is why it’s expensive stuff. But WOW! it’s worth it!

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Starbucks Columbian Ground Coffee 200 g

Medium Roast
Balanced & Nutty

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Starbucks House Blend Ground Coffee 200 g (Pack of 6)

Columbian roast and ground coffee
Blend of fine Latin American beans roasted to a glistening, dark chestnut colour
Loaded with flavour, balancing tastes of nut and cocoa

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Starbucks Verona Blend Ground Coffee 200 g (Pack of 6)

A seductive blend of beans from Latin America and Indonesia
A gentle touch of Italian Roast lending depth, soul and sweetness

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Strong Coffee to Wake the Dead – 500g Wholebeans | Intense Body and Full Flavour | High Caffeine | Natural Strong Coffee

Highly Caffeinated Bold Coffee
Seriously Strong Coffee Crafted With Natural Coffee Aromas

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Tassimo 3 Costa Variety Bundle – Costa Latte , Americano and Cappuccino Coffee (32 Servings Total)

Costa Latte (New Smaller Packaging) 8 Servings
Costa Americano 16 Servings
Costa Cappuccino 8 Servings

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Taylors of Harrogate Hot Lava Java Extreme Roast Ground Coffee, 227g

An easy going medium roast aromatic blend
3 out of 6 for strength and flavour
Relax with the sunday papers and a pot of coffee

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Taylors Of Harrogate Rich Italian Ground Coffee, 227g

Packaging may vary, new exciting new branding is rolling out now
A sophisticated roast that takes its cues from the elegant blends of northern Italy
A rich, defined roast – strength 4

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